I developed these competencies, this button shows how courses and activities developed this.

Activies I learnt from

Creativity and Aesthetics.

The area of creativity and aesthetics is a way for me to indirectly communicate to the user. Instead of displaying text or queueing sounds, communicating via aesthetics can be done with all properties of the design i.e. feel, look, shape, material and colour. This area is important as this is the first thing the user experiences of most designs.

Technology and Realization

This area is a means for me to design ways for the user to communicate with a system with appropriate technologies.

Programming and electronics are the future for designs as very smart systems can be made. Artificial intelligence can be used to communicate with the user, or make the system predict the user wants. This area intrigues me the most because I think artificial intelligence will be very good for designs.

Math, Data and Computing.

To me, this area means collecting data and processing it in order to make conclusions from these datasets. With these conclusions, decisions in designs can be made to make the design better suit the user. For example a heating system with automatic temperature handling. With data, the system can predict which temperature to hold at which times of the day.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Business and Entrepreneurship makes the design accessible to the public and help realise the design. This area sets restrictions and goals to a project in order to make it marketable. In my view, market research can shape the design as well as competitors are a blockage for your design to reach the public.

User and Society

To me, user and society changes the direction of your design process. As a designer you need to make decisions, but the user and society area can validate those decisions. Users are the driving force for the design as they are the ones that are going to use it. When a design is made without much regard to the users and society, a design will fail. I think designs should be eco-friendly.

Like Elon Musk with Tesla. The cars they make attract a lot of users on the market, but the cars are still very eco-friendly. Designs must be researched with a regard to upholding nature and seeing if old materials can be used.