Who I am.

Professional Identity

I am Joris Lodewijks. I grew up in the countryside of the Netherlands, where my family was always busy with technology. My father was a mechanical engineering professor and a assembly belt designer, which sparked me to love technology as well. I was very shy and introverted which caused me to spent more time alone than with friends. One day, my father brought pc’s for me and my siblings, and from this day, I started to love computers and computer science.

I am a currently, a technological modern nerd with a soft spot for user needs and wants. I’m a motivated, quick-learning, pro-active, multi-disciplinary, detailed-focused and dynamic student who wants to help society with good design. My weak points are in communication, collaboration and planning. I tend to focus on details which gives nice results when time isn’t sparse. But most times, time is sparse, and my planning starts falling apart.

My main value is that the user always comes first, a designer should set himself last when it comes to opinion, but must make the decisions. A designer should be future-focused, designs shouldn’t be hurtful to anything or anyone. I want to design autonomous systems. A designer must keep cradle-to-cradle in mind. The re-use of materials is important to me, as this is better for the environment as well as effective. I like to work alone when working on details, but when it comes to the big scope, I like to have a big overview of the project and know everything about every part.

I like to begin tinkering on design options and then evaluating them, to find the best one. My ambition is to start my own firm, let it be a game design firm, a design firm, or a technology firm. I want to make a design that helps people with their daily life and make it a successful marketable product. To achieve this, I am going to learn my skills from ID and extracurricular activities that give me enough experience to start on my own. I am going to continue with personal projects, to develop my personal development skills and to get to know myself better.


To bridge the gap between society and technology, user-centred design is key. I see a world where users and systems work together flawlessly, where users and society don’t experience stress because of technology. Systems are designed with a regard to nature. Systems are designed with the thought of reusability. A lot of systems have a maximum lifespan of 2 years. This causes problems for users and society as they need to relearn how to use a new system. This causes only more stress.

Re-usability and designing for long-term use can solve a lot of problems, such as child labour and limited resources. Systems are used with a minimal interaction time, but with the same amount of results achieved. What if the world would be a place where people don’t have to think about every little detail, because systems work autonomously to relieve the user of those tasks. When an integrated system is not noticed, it is a perfect design. Just look at your heating system: When it’s too hot or too cold, you notice it. But, if the temperature is just perfect, you don’t notice the system behind it.

SpaceX does this as well. The Falcon 9 rocket that lands autonomously. And even better: The falcon heavy, where the two boosters both land autonomously, as well as the main rocket. Phoneblocks is another great example. They designed a modular phone, where the user can choose their own systems. And when a part fails, this can be replaced instead of throwing away the whole phone. This is my dream for a better world adapted by design.


Currently, I’m studying Industrial Design at the TU/e, located in Eindhoven. I create products designed for the users. Projects that I am working on or I worked on, will be visible in my portfolio.


With over 5 years of self-taught programming experience, I’ve learned a great deal of computer science. From Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning to heavy algorithms.


I’ve created multiple tools for others and myself to use when designing or creating. I’ve been busy with the basic system flow structure to a good working device/program. Currently, my interest lies in IoT (Internet of Things) devices.


I’ve been creating games for over 8 years, improving my skills in programming (C# and shaders), 2D/3D Art and Animation, UI, UX and audio systems. I’ve created games in 48 hour competitions and also stream all of it during the event.

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Jan van Riebeecklaan 9, 5642MB, Eindhoven, Netherlands


+316 457 633 19

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